Friday, December 16, 2005

A Tired, Grumpy Day

Baby MacKenna Elyse

My new little one (6 weeks old, now) is sick, poor thing, so guess who keeps waking up in the night? I am so exhausted today! We used lots of essential oils on her last night before bed, and so she slept fairly well until about 3 am. But by then her nose was so stuffed up, she scared me awake! (Breathe, baby! Breathe!) She doesn't have such a rough time in the daylight hours, but that means she is starting to get her days and nights backward. I'm working at nipping that in the bud before it becomes a problem!

So that was the "tired" part of my day.

As for the "grumpy" part, it has to do with the other seven children! When I handed out their job cards this morning, (nicely!) three of the seven started bawling, and everyone else sneaked away to hide or make mischief elsewhere. :-p It's now four o'clock, and no one has finished one chore yet. But I am determined not to nag! I will not pester! I laid down the law this morning and informed them all, calmly and kindly, that those who do not finish their chores will not be able to attend the ward party this evening. And I will stick to my guns, with a smile on my face and no "I told you so!" I am mother, see me parent! :-D

SO... eight shopping days left until Christmas Day. Actually, it's less for me, because we won't be here at home this year. We will be leaving town a week from today, and will travel up to Idaho-- a.k.a. "The Great White Frozen North." Do I miss the snow, now that I have lived in a much warmer clime these last few years? To put it bluntly, "Not for a minute!" If I didn't have family there, I don't know that I would ever go back. However, I am excited to see my family, as well as my husband's. Also, we will be blessing our little baby MacKenna Elyse on Christmas Day up in Idaho, because we know no one in our new ward. It will be a very special time. Now, if I can just remember how to survive in below zero weather. We may need to buy new boots and coats for all the kids-- and me-- since we haven't had to deal with an Idaho winter in quite a long time.

I may come back and read this tomorrow, and find that none of what I have written is coherant. No matter! I am off to "not-nag" my offspring, and possibly take a nap. Okay. I'll be realistic. I'm certain a nap will not be happening...

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