Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is all new for me...

Dierdre, MacKenna, Bonny

Happy birthday to my blog! I am excited to begin this record of my life as a wife, mother and homemaker. Today, I had a couple of successes, and a few defeats. The kids and I baked and decorated Christmas cookies. Ta-Da! I bought the dough in the refrigerated section, but hey, we made some positive memories!

My 4 1/2 week old baby girl slept fairly well today, so I got some dishes done, started some laundry and ran to the store. My internet addiction is still going strong, unfortunately, and I think I may have exacerbated it today by creating my own blog. BUT I will also finally have a journal, and that can only be a good thing!

Speaking of my baby, (her name is MacKenna) she is now asleep in her baby seat at my feet, and so I should really be getting dinner done. Tacos tonight! That should make my DH a happy guy! :) Hmmm... said husband is late, and
the kids are fighting over which movie to watch. Ah, "It's a Wonderful Life." We'll see how long the 2yo sits and watches that!

Okay, I will now remove my rear end from this uncomfortable office chair and heat up the oil, defrost the hamburger, and prepare to nourish and nurture my family!

Welcome to my life...

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