Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome September!

Our Bonny is fourth from the right. (Photo courtesy of Ballet Etudes)

Hello to my sweet, precious missionaries!!!

This past week was pretty low key. Things are finally getting settled with our TJLA plans (We start classes on Sept. 12th.), and though we have yet to set up a workable schedule for our own family, it's coming. That's my goal for this week!!!

On Tuesday evening, we had a registration meeting for TJLA, and I think it went well. This whole summer I've been a basketcase about TJLA. I felt like everyone had jumped ship, and I had destroyed it all.

And yes, the majority of the families we had involved last year left. But, we had new families and some old ones, and each of our three scholar classes have more than ten students each! It really is going to happen! We will be having a Key of Liberty class, a Biology lab, and a Great English Literature class (Taught by me. YAY!). It's all coming together, and I feel a great deal of relief. Honestly, I'm so glad this is my last year in charge! I want to get back to mentoring, my real love.

Wednesday was full with all the busyness of mutual, scouts, and Activity Day, and this week will be the same. I'm still an Activity Day leader, and trying to breathe new life into it for me and these new girls. I have taken a break since Fiona was born, and we're starting up again this week.

Bonny had an audition of sorts at a new studio on Thursday. It's quite a drive for us (It's right by the Southern Estates area), but it sounds like they loved Bonny, and had a wonderful atmosphere and feeling. She is so excited! She's planning on trying out for the Nutcracker production this year-- at last!!! I am wary about the amount of rehearsals and driving, but we don't have Shakespeare this year, and I know it's her turn to do something that is just HERS.

This kids-growing-up-business is not fun for Mom, I'll tell you that!

On Friday, Lliam and Bonny went to work for a family in our old ward in the Burrow. (Though they've moved, too.)

They helped the family clean and paint in their parents home. The old folks have passed away, and the family is looking to update the house so they can rent it. They did a good job, and the H-- were pleased with what they did. Bonny and Gavin headed over there this morning to work some more.

Bonny also went babysitting that night from about 5pm to 8:30pm. She is working HARD to get to Europe! I am so, SOOO proud of her.

Saturday was my 40th Birthday.


I spent most of the day teaching people how to mentor Shakespeare. (10am to 4pm) It was fun! In fact, J--'s mom was there. Yes, SHE is mentoring Shakespeare for QuEST this Fall. LOL! I guess J-- comes home in January, and she will help direct their show this Spring.

Strange business, yes?

Saturday night, we had a lovely Italian dinner, and then yesterday we had my birthday cake. (Angel food cake with real whipped cream and raspberries. YUM!) Daddy got me the new Vocal Point album, and a costume drama movie called "Belle."

Here are the links for Morganne-- sorry Brennan! ;-) :

Vocal Point-
Preview for "Belle"-

Yesterday, Dierdre gave her FIRST talk in Sacrament meeting!!! She did an AWESOME job, and so many people stopped to tell me how impressed they were. She spoke on Repentance, and had wonderful scriptures, conference talks, and personal experiences to use. I did not help her one bit! It was all her! I was very glad that Lliam decided to come to church and support Didi.

The Spirit was sooo strong through all our meetings. It was a wonderful, wonderful Sabbath day!

And here we are on Monday morning. I have no idea whether Brennan will get this today-- Labor Day! Daddy gets to stay home from work, and everyone got to sleep in.

And I get to write my wonderful missionaries. :-)

I love you both so, so dearly. I am SOOO PROUD of you and all you are doing!!! You are setting a wonderful example for all your younger siblings. And I APPRECIATE that so much!!!!!!!!

Lots of love, hugs, kisses, and glowing proudness,

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