Saturday, August 09, 2014

My Grandma Nielsen

This is a photo of my grandma's house on the day she died.
My mother requested that the flag be put at half-mast,
just as Grandma had done on the day that my grandpa had died in 2001.
They were both VERY patriotic people.

My Grandma Nielsen went Home to be with my Grandpa, my Aunt Linda, my cousin Tex, and many others, on Saturday morning. 

All the family had been staying with her, watching and visiting her, up until the very end. :-) We have the most awesome family ever!!!

We're planning to head up to Idaho in the next couple of days, and will be there until about Lliam's birthday. (End of August.)

Our Morganne, Granna (my mom), and Grandma N. on Memorial Day visiting Grandpa's grave.
The tears are falling freely, and I will miss her terribly, but I know that she is so glad to be with Grandpa again, and to have endured to the end so faithfully.

I love you, Grandma. We will "Carry On!" ♪ ♫ ♪

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