Monday, April 21, 2014

No Baby Yet!

My girls and I in the Easter dresses my amazing mother sewed for all of us!

I am now 40 weeks pregnant, and I'm afraid that due to end-of-pregnancy-ennui, I have NOT been in the mood to write on any of my blogs.


But, since I should really record what's going on in our family's life right now, I thought I'd just share the email I sent to my missionary son this morning.

I hope my readers had a WONDERFUL Easter Sunday, and are having a happy Monday! :-)

Eryn loves Easter!

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! The big kids are helping so beautifully, and I REALLY appreciate it. Yesterday was the baby's due date, so I'm in that final stage where I'm just a big pregnant lump, waiting for the baby to come.

On Saturday, Bonny, Dierdre and I filled the plastic eggs, Lliam and Bonny hid them downstairs, and Dierdre dyed the eggs with the kids. We ate the boiled eggs for lunch, and had a fun egg hunt in the afternoon.

Then Sunday, the girls and I got dressed up in the homemade dresses Granna made for ALL of us!!! She is amazing-- she made dresses for Gina, Emmy, Libby, Morganne, herself, and Abby, too. We all looked marvelous! ;-) Daddy made his traditional Easter feast with ham, funeral potatoes, and peas, and we had strawberry shortcake last night to end the day.

Church was wonderful, and Dierdre and I sang with the ward choir. The bishopric spoke, and it was a great meeting! Sunday school was good, Relief Society was, too, and it was just a lovely peaceful day.

The kids sent you some Easter letters last week, and I hope you get them soon, if you haven't already. :-)

The Church has been using a beautiful new video in social media for Easter this year, that you probably already know about, called "Because of Him." It has been a great thing to share! It makes me cry every time. I know that I have been blessed so much in my life, and it's all because of HIM! I am so grateful for the Savior and all He has done for me and all those I love! He IS hope!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The play is THIS weekend, and so things are still pretty crazy. Because the play is being performed outside at night, all of this week's rehearsals are at night. Tonight is a tech only rehearsal, but that will take Lliam, Bonny, and I think Deirdre, too. (Did I tell you that Gavin did not want to be in the play this year? He's become the babysitter. Ronan is in the play, though.)

Your brother, Lliam, is doing a PHENOMENAL job as Lysander!!! And yes, he gets to wear the pink poofie. Duke is wearing your old costume as Demetrius, and is also doing a great job. (Katelyn is Hermia, and Susanne is Helena-- also doing a great job! Lizzie is fantastic as Puck.)

We will send pictures, after the show!!!

Baby Keppner

Well, nothing is happening in the baby department, other than the baby gets bigger, and I get slower. I go to the doctor every week, and I am basically the one who gets to decide what happens now. I could go in and be induced any time, but with the play AND Daddy's conference both happening this week, it's not the best time. So I may wait until next Monday for induction.

We'll see. I'm pretty DONE!! :-p

I do have an appointment this afternoon. We'll see how things go.

At least the costumes are finished!

Davy is practicing being a big brother.

Davy learned a new word last weekend, and he LIKES it:


We love and miss you, and hope you've had a wonderful Easter week, too. I'm counting down the days until Mother's Day!!!! 

(When I get to Skype with my missionary boy!)

Love, Mama Rachel

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