Monday, October 29, 2012

October 2012 Pictures

Me with my sweet little Davy

 The next few posts are for all our family members that are not on Facebook, so please allow me to indulge in sharing lots of photos of ALL our cute, cute kids...

Most of us (except me and our little Davy) attended our ward's Trunk or Treat earlier this week:

Lovely Morganne chased little girls all night.

Brennan was an "apocalypse survivor/zombie-killer."

Lliam was scary in his black cloak.

Pretty Bonny had lots of fun with her friends.

Gavin was a dashing Legolas.

Dierdre was an adorable witch. (She made her own broom at her  weekly homeschool club.)

Ronan saved boxes for weeks to put together enough to be a cyborg. (He did a great job!)

MacKenna was excited to dress up as Mulan!

Miss Grayse Dawn as "Dorothy"

Adorable Princess Avalon...

And pretty Princess Eryn.


Now for some pictures of our new little one:

Grayse loves her baby brother.

Dierdre is so careful and kind.

Our Davydd Aldie

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