Thursday, March 01, 2012

This and That

Lovely Morganne

Today is just a random update of some things we've had going on these last few weeks.

MONDAY, I finally got an ultrasound! I wish they'd given me some pictures to share, but they didn't. I'm happy to report that everything looks good, and I got a great view of our sweet little Peanut #12. What a relief and blessing. :)

Roses for everyone!

Valentine's Day!

The kids and Russell have been making the holidays special for the family. We've started new traditions without realizing it! Again this year, Daddy got a rose for each person-- and gave Mama a dozen all her own. It made us all feel very loved.

Daddy also again decided to treat everyone to home-grilled steaks and a yummy dinner, complete with mini cheesecakes. The girls dipped strawberries in chocolate to put on the top of each cheesecake. (Daddy even remembered to get some sugar-free chocolate for me, too! True love!)

Mini cheesecake topped with a chocolate-dipped strawberry

Homeschool Masked Ball

Brennan (16), friend Mark, and Lliam (15)

The Big Four had a great time at a Regency-themed masked ball with the homeschooled teens group. (The small masks were worn only briefly during the Regency dance they learned.) I pulled out the Shakespeare costumes, and had fun dressing everyone up. Morganne did Bonny's hair, and I did Morganne's.

The dresses are Georgian, not Regency, but they still look beautiful!

The dance didn't last as long as the kids hoped, but they saw MOST of their friends there! I am so grateful for wonderful parents who create such beautiful opportunities for our youth!

General Cuteness

All the kids keep us busy and moving, moving, moving! How can we resist such cute chaos?

All smiles! (Avalon, MacKenna, Grayse)

Dierdre is a good "Buddy" to her little "Buddy."

Sweet Eryn loves her blanket and her fingers

Gavin at family scripture study

Last Month...

There are a few important events that happened in January I never recorded, so here's a brief glimpse:

Ronan and Herbie!!!
 Ronan was so excited about the Pinewood Derby! He didn't win any races or awards, (Though I feel he should have won some kind of prize for making such a cute car!) but he was happy as a clam just to have his Very. Own. Car!

I love my Mama and Daddy!

And GRANNA AND PA CAME for a visit! We had loads of fun, and it seemed to end all too soon. :-(

Here are some more fun pictures with Funny Granna and Silly Pa:


The Guys

Granna with The Guys

Granna and Girls

Me with my cute parents

Welcome March, 2012!!! 


  1. Glad to hear about # 12. Ultrasounds are so nice.

  2. Love all the cute pics! The costumes are awesome. I'm so glad the ultrasound was all good!

  3. Oh how I wish I were able to have more children. You are truly blessed. (not that my 3 are any less loved for not being 12! :D)

    Your costumes are awesome. What a fun event for your children to attend.


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