Thursday, March 03, 2011

Field Trip: Going to WAR!

 WARNING: This post includes LOTS of pictures. You have been forewarned! *wink*

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to attend the annual SCA Estrella War with our local homeschool friends on an educational tour. We always look forward to this great event, and are so thankful we got to go this year! (Initially, we were on a waiting list for the tour.)

The SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism) is a medieval reenactment group with chapters all over the world. My husband and I used to "play" when we were first married, but experience taught us that it is not a family-friendly organization to be heavily involved in. We find that being able to attend Estrella War each year is just the right amount for our family.

Here we are gathering with our homeschool friends. (Check out Lliam's interaction with his younger brother. *sigh*)

The girls are ready to go!

This was our tour guide. She had a brand new baby with her, and a sore ankle, but she walked us all over the acres of encampment in order to show us everything.

This falconer was great! He knows so much about falconry, and was really kind to the kids.

Head of an SCA "Household." He was full of little known facts about medieval food, cooking, feasting, and living. His enthusiasm was super contagious!

The table and chairs are handmade and collapsible.  This feasting hall was really amazing! I found myself wishing we could return later in the evening. (But then, I am not into drinking mead and singing medieval drinking songs. *wink*)

This lady played the part of a "pilgrim", and had lots of really cool stuff! She explained how rosary beads are made (out of rose petals!), and she had all kinds of small, handmade things a real pilgrim from medieval times would have carried as they made their way to Canterbury. (Notice Baby Eryn being held by my good friend, Toni. Doesn't she look cute in her little medieval dress and bonnet?)

Gavin really enjoyed trying on the Viking armor!

Our big boys probably spent 20 minutes standing here asking the Vikings questions. They were fascinated!

This lady had told us all about how real wool felt is made and shaped. Fascinating stuff!
Morganne was so happy to be there! (Doesn't she look pretty in the medieval dress Granna made her?!)

This woman was spinning wool thread. The wool yarn to her right was dyed with onion skins!

The cooking area was a real favorite with all the kids. They not only got to see cinnamon rolls being made, they got to taste samples, too!

Here's Grayse trying her hand at rolling biscuits.

They were really baking in these really cool clay ovens! They said that when the clay would crack, they'd just lay more wet clay on them. Then, when the event was over, they could just break them up, and sweep them away.

Here's a lady baking cinnamon rolls and telling us about how fire was the biggest danger medieval women faced. Cooking over an open flame is not as romantic as it sounds!

A BATTLE!!! The boys wished they could be out there in armor, too.

This fighter taught us a lot about the rules of fighting in the SCA. He was really nice.

We just HAD to take this picture of Avalon in front of one of the many shops on Merchant Row!