Thursday, March 04, 2010

Post-Move Update

First of all, I need to acknowledge and share what a beautiful day we had at Dierdre's baptism in Idaho, just before we moved. I love the peaceful look on her face in the photo above. She didn't get baptized until she was good and ready, and I am so pleased with her decision! She's gotten so big! (We love you, Di-di!!!)

And I'm a happy woman back in the land of the sunshine! Thanks to the help of wonderful friends, we found a house that works great for us, right across the street from our church building. (YES!)

We are enjoying the very friendly, highly-efficient ward. In fact, this last Sunday I spoke in Sacrament meeting, Russell got sustained as First Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency, I was sustained as a new Activity Day leader, Brennan was sustained and set apart as the Teacher's Quorum President, and Lliam got called in the Deacon's Quorum Presidency. *whew!*

We do miss our wonderful families and all the great people in the Grant 1st Ward and in the homeschool community, but we are also very happy to be back HOME.

The weekend of our move, we attended the 3rd Annual Southwest Forum. (Our favorite homeschooling event!) I got to teach a Youth class and an Adult breakout session, and really enjoyed seeing so many of our beloved homeschool friends again. Kudos to my friend Cheri Beals for her awesome work again as Forum Chair!!! (And none of my pictures worked! *sniff!*)

And then earlier this week, the kids and I drove over to to attend Homeschool Day on the lawn of the state Capitol. It was very nice to see and hear our governor giving homeschool and freedom of school choice the support and acknowledgement it deserves! :-)

Other happenings in random order:
  • Avalon has become a climber. Mother-heart-attacks occur multiple times daily as a result.
  • Morganne and Brennan are taking a Constitution class for homeschooled teens, and are experiencing lots of eye-opening facts about our country and the document that governs it.
  • Bonny is begging to get enrolled again in ballet. (As you can see, she's a natural!) I'm attempting to find a classical ballet studio we can afford.

Gavin (his eyeball, anyway...)


  • Gavin, Dierdre and Ronan are spending all the time they can jumping on the trampoline, climbing the orange and grapefruit trees, and slurping down fresh oranges.

(Grayse, the Serious)

(MacKenna, the Ham)
  • MacKenna and Grayse are (not) trying to stay out of trouble, and are prettier than ever.

  • Brennan has begun formal piano lessons and is accelerating nicely. He's also writing more songs with our guitar, and is attempting to play the ukulele, as well.
  • Lliam has discovered Orson Scott Card and is devouring "Ender's Game." He's also racing to finish the last book in the Percy Jackson series. Oh, and he's writing a book, too.

  • Getting back to harp lessons is something Morganne is really looking forward to. Lucky for me and her dad, she's not that interested in driving or dating, as of yet. :-D (See what I have to worry about?!)
And that's the latest from our family! I promise to do better about updating my blog, so that we can let all our family and friends in the North know what's going on with us down here in the land of the Sunshine! :-)


  1. Glad you made it safely :) I could use some fresh oranges myself :D

  2. cute pics and I am glad you are getting back into the swing of things in Arizona!!


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