Thursday, January 07, 2010

The End of an Adventure...

Our Idaho adventure will be over at the end of January. I have lots more to say on the subject, but for now...

Here's the basic thinking behind moving back:

A) Hubby has not been able to make his business work here-- not enough demand, and rates too low....

B) Due to said business not working out, we are not able to support our family. (And the kids just insist on eating-- weird I know! *wink*)

C) Jobs that my husband is qualified for are FEW and far between here, and the few we CAN find pay 1/2 or less than he can make in AZ.

D) There are lots of jobs that my hubby is qualified for in AZ. (We don't have one yet, but we are in process of working with three or four.)

Our time here has been HARD, but also GOOD, so this was not an easy decision to make. (Maybe I am nuts-- I hate moving! Why I do it so much can only be attributed to my short term memory problem??? Just call me Dorrie...) But we are moving forward with faith, taking the last 6 months as a big lesson, while packing and praying our hearts out!

Anyone in AZ know of any 4+ bedroom rentals for under $1000? :-)


  1. Rachel! I am happy for you guys, and sad that we wont' see you! And I have a website to share, I'm not sure if this will help, I've only really looked at Idaho, but, they have apartments and homes on this website that are for rent and lots of information with them. The website is, and then just click on the state, I hope that helps a bit! Good Luck with everything! :)

  2. Oo! Thank you, Traci! :-) {{{hugs}}}

  3. I'm happy for you all. I know how hard it was to make the decision to move to Idaho in the first place and how much you missed AZ. I know you will be welcomed back.

  4. I hope everything works out well with your move and your new adventure.

  5. Oooh! We will be excited to have you back in AZ! Good luck!

  6. Oh Best Wishes! Having just moved for the SIXTEENTH time, I'm with you-well in spirit anyway :)

  7. Rachel-
    Its so good to have a few minutes to catch up with up with you by your blog. Looks like its been a bit of a bumpy road for you as well lately. We really had a hard time as my husband was unemployed for 6 months. It was tough I tell ya. Ill ask around with my AZ friends. I have a friend with a rental here going for 1500,00 - wanna come to San Diego?

  8. Ooo! I LOVE San Diego! Don't tempt me... ;-) {{{hugs}}}

    Thanks, everybody! I'll post an update soon! :-D

  9. I'm THRILLED you are coming back!!!

    I know that you know that because I just talked to you on the phone but just had to post it here too!!!


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