Friday, March 27, 2009

Missing My Husband

You know, Russell doesn't usually go out of town much, but this last month or so, he's been gone a lot. And when he's gone, I avoid going to bed at a reasonable hour. You'd think I'd be glad to have our queen-size bed to myself -- well, okay, me and the baby could have it to ourselves! But no, I goof off on Google, or fiddle around on Facebook, or stalk other blogs. (You thought I'd keep that alliteration going, didn't you?) Or sometimes, I stay up waaaaay past my bedtime to write an inane post about missing my husband while he's gone.

Well, I miss him.

And I should go to bed.

But maybe I'll just go seeking U-seless videos on You Tube.

Or not.



  1. I do the exact same thing!!
    Yawn :)

  2. It's no fun when they're gone, is it? That was the only thing I hated about the Air Force: Deployments and TDY's!


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