Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Ramblings


I'm expecting baby #10 in around 6 weeks (I am no longer a believer in due dates. As if ANY baby gave any credence to when others think they should arrive!)

Pardon me, I'm almost 9 months pregnant, and thus a tad unstable.

So. Where was I?

Oh, ya. Baby coming.

Nesting instincts are coming on strong, and in this week alone, I have cleaned and reorganized both my garage and my closet. Now, you might ask WHY in the world I would choose those two areas of my house to clean when there are so many other spots that need serious attention. First of all, I don't clean house any more-- that's the job of my children. (Who are looking forward to a fun-filled Saturday, let me tell you! Don't worry, I'll bribe them well.) Second of all, because I have taken over as a Shakespeare teacher in our homeschool group this year, I inherited scenery, fabric, costumes, accessories, etc. that have been living in my garage and closet since the Spring. And since summer here is like winter up north in the way of discomfort, we don't spend time out of doors (or in garages) between May and October.

WHAT does this have to do with the impending birth, you say? Well, with the baby coming, I needed room in my walk-in closet, and so the closet HAD to be gutted. And where could it all go but the garage? So I had to clean and organize said garage to make room.

CONFESSION: Since I am by no means a clothes horse, I have TONS of space in the master bedroom's walk-in closet. And since I have tons of space in there, guess where the bassinet goes? Now before you cry "child abuse!" and start dialing CPS/Satan's Minions, you should know the following:

1) The closet is air-conditioned,
2) It has its own WINDOW, for the love of Pete (!),
3) After the bassinett and baby parefenalia, I could still fit a rocking chair in there,
3) It has a sliding door that keeps noisy toddlers out,
4) It is in the master bedroom, so baby can nap closely, but quietly near us,
5) My babies sleep in bed with me at night anyway, so this closet arrangement is only used during the day.

PUT DOWN THE PHONE!!! Yes, I DO sleep with my babies. It's worked with all the other nine, so do you think I'm going to change now? I don't think so. Besides, which is worse, a mother who is sleep-deprived or one who gets a good night's rest with limited interruptions where all she has to do is roll over?! I ask you...

Um, when I get the scanner hooked up, I may post the baby's ultrasound pics. But, just in case anyone wanted to know, we're expecting a...





And, she's gonna be CUTE! I can't wait to meet her!

Just let me get my bedroom and bathroom cleaned first...

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