Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monsoon Season

This is the time of year in the desert when the long, hot days build pressure to erupt into storms when the sun goes down.

For reasons unknown, it's called "The Monsoons," and we desert-dwellers look forward to the rain and the cooler (a relative term, of course) temperatures-- even if we have to start putting up with humidity. (All the photos below were taken by our Morganne.)

Here are the storm clouds beginning to build:

This next one is from this evening:

It may get HOT here, (I think Louis L'Amour called it "Hell without the fire") but on the bright side, we don't have earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice or snow! And the sunsets and lightning shows during the monsoons can't be beat.

(However, truth be told, I WILL be counting down the days to Halloween. That's the first day it begins to cool off at night...)

'Kay, I gotta end this post with a cute baby:

Grayse Dawn-isaur

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