Thursday, August 23, 2007


Miss MacKenna

... and the living is HECTIC!

This summer has just flown by-- which is good here in the hottest place in the U.S.! This is usually our "hibernation" time, but we have already headed North to visit family twice. No more roadtrips! (Yay!)

We got back from my baby sister's wedding last night, and today has been chaotic. What is it about children going nuts after spending 2 days in a car? We came home to a clean house (bless my sweet husband!) and now it's trashed.

Today also happens to be child #3's birthday, and I've been sewing like crazy. Money is really tight right now, so I was doing my best to be creative. I hope the gift will do! Luckily, my dear husband remembered something he had bought a week or so ago that will cause excitement. *whew!*

Between June and December, we have SEVEN birthdays and our anniversary to celebrate in our family. Then my husband and oldest child get to celebrate in December! Our last two birthdays are in the Spring. When one has a full house, there seems to be a constant flow of parties! Fun, but a bit tiring. August has about done me in!

Above is a picture of an Independence Day dessert I tried this year. (I think I'll add this recipe to the "Old-Fashioned Motherhood" blog and e-mail newsletter, so check there soon!)

Now I only have two more months to brave the heat!

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