Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Big Changes for Our Family!

Because of the promptings of the Spirit, as well as the Lord closing doors of job opportunities for my husband, we know that it's time to go back to our "home state." We were both raised in Idaho, and now feel that the Lord is telling us to "go home." I must admit that I'm excited. We are sending an offer TODAY on a 4 bd. 2 ba. home built in 1913 on an acre of land in a small town between where both of our parents live.

I am sad to leave the TJEd organization I helped to build here, but I know that they'll continue to do wonderful things whether I'm here or not. And my calling as Relief Society assistant secretary will be sad to leave. (I'm not looking forward to telling the Relief Society President, I can tell you that!) BUT, despite all this, I am experiencing a great deal of peace. I received a Priesthood blessing yesterday, and it helped calm me down quite a bit. I have so much work to do! I really should not be sitting down right now, but I have greatly neglected my blog, and I just need to put these positive vibes out in the Universe today.

God is good, all is right with the world. The future is in the dark right now, but with God at the helm, I know that we cannot go wrong.