Saturday, April 22, 2006

Finding Balance

The Responsible Woman by James C. Christensen

Lately, I've been overwhelmed with the many roles I am playing. (And I don't mean on the stage-- I wish!)

Wife, Mother, Teacher, R.S. Secretary, TJEd mentor, AzLAF President, Writer, Visiting Teacher, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. I've been a jumbled mess, trying to fit it all in, but not succeeding at anything. Last weekend, I finally just "broke." I postponed thinking about anything but the absolutely vital. It was actually very healing for me, and I was able to hear the Spirit as he reminded me of some things that I had been prompted to do, but had put off.

Now that I have stepped back a bit, I am trying desperately to prioritize the many things in my life. I recognize that *I* am the only one who put myself in this dilemma, and so it's my responsibility to "fix it." Most of the things I am involved in, are things that I CANNOT quit. I cannot-- and would not-- walk away from my calling, my family, my mission, my education, homeschooling, my TJEd organization...

I am thinking that there are too many "my's" in the above sentence.

My heart is beginning to help me see that my focus should be on the Savior, Jesus Christ. What HE would have me do. What are the things that truly help Him build His kingdom?

I will be pondering much more on this in the coming days...

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