Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Running Errands

Maybe I am just weird, but I just loathe running errands. Today I need to go to the dreaded Wal-Mart. Ugh. I have some rolls of film that should have been developed a week ago. (My sister-in-law is waiting on us so that she can finish the family calendar. Oops...) And there's the various and sundry gifts that need to be returned. Oh, and I want to get my baby's first photo session done. I really do try to squeeze too much into my shopping trips, because I don't want to go out again any time soon!

One thing that irks me about going out during the day, is that it's no fun to drive my fifteen-seater van with just me and the baby in tow. My 12 year old daughter is a very capable babysitter-- thank heavens-- and since I carry a cell phone now, I am just a phone call away. (What DID we do before we had cell phones, anyway?!) So I can be thankful that I don't need to fight all eight kids whenever I need to do some running around.

The kids LOVE it when I go out. They get to watch a movie or two-- depending on how long my errands take-- and that's not an everyday occurrence! (anymore! ;) )

SIGH! Here I go, off to brave the small town crowd that's already gathered in the only Wal-Mart for miles. I shall come back victorious!

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